Construction of swimming pools has always been a fascinating subject for many being that the luxury and relaxation it offers is the ultimate desire of a varied group of home owners, holiday makers and so many other individuals. This is but a series of many others to come on this subject but specifically for now we deal with identifying a site for the swimming pool.


The location of a pool is often dictated by the physical conditions on site, though if this is not the case major considerations are:-

· The pool should harmonize as effectively as possible with the rest of the development. This is of great importance as a pool is a feature as well as a utility and effective integration into the development can add considerable aesthetic appeal as well as enhancing a property’s value. Unless there are specific reasons a pool should never be isolated.

· It must have as much direct sunlight on it as possible, especially between 10am and 4pm

· It should not be situated close to trees.

· Another very important consideration of siting is top-level setting. Often this is dictated by the adjacent buildings (e.g. the pool should be at verandah level), though frequently it will be set independently.

· Before final setting it is vital to take levels (as falls over even short distances can be deceptive) and then decide what the optimal level is.

· Important considerations are that the pool should be well founded at all corners and no corner should protrude too much above the prevailing ground level or else the site will be difficult to landscape. As a general rule it is best to keep the highest corner no more than 60cms above ground level.

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