Just as a follow up to what we have been discussing lately about swimming pools we thought it necessary to digress a little bit from siting to lighting of pools since there has been so many inquiries about it lately, with so many desiring to know how they can go about it and enhance the pools they already have.

In addition to the primary function of bathing, a pool is also a feature which can be considerably enhanced at night by the use of underwater lighting. Specially designed pool lights are available and it is strongly recommended that only approved types are fitted or else electrical shock can result.

Safety Standards specify that all pool lighting should be low voltage (12V) and the supplier will provide a step down transformer for this. Also note that higher electrical current will result from the low voltage and cable size will need to be specified accordingly.

A qualified electrician should be used for advice on the lighting installation. Most lights are provided with a niche that is cast into the pool wall and the lamp unit is then fixed to it, though flat types are available for post construction installation. The separate lamp unit allows for bulb replacement without emptying the pool. Basic light types are the established sealed beam models available in 300W and 125W sizes and the newer LED types, some models offering a color changing feature. LED lights also have the benefit of using much less power absorbing between 25-50W which reduces power consumption and cable size. Lights should be installed about 75cm below the pool water surface and a general rule is to fit one light every 20-25m of pool surface area.

Dayliff LED lights

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