I believe all of us have had frequent episodes of power outages at moments when you least expected or were glued to your T.V watching your favorite program or movie, in fact as I write this article I have to keep saving just to avoid what would happen in the event of a power outage. Power outages are basically short term or long term losses of electric power in a given area.

The interesting question would be what causes power outages? They are caused by some of the following factors or even a combination of them,

  • Overloading of the electricity mains.
  • Damages on the electric distribution network.
  • Faults at the point of power generation.

Power outages are of various kinds;

1. Brown out: This is caused by a drop in voltage of the power supply and it is what usually occurs when you see the lights dimming.

2. Black out: This is the most severe form of power outage and results in total loss of power. it may take place for a few hours to days or even weeks depending on the magnitude of the cause and the commitment of the generating or Distribution Company involved.

3. Transient fault: This is a momentary electric fault which results in loss of electric power supply but power is restored as soon as the fault is sorted.

Now as a business person who wants to avoid interruptions of business services due to power failure or just as an individual tired of frequent power interruptions, how can you cushion yourself? Imagine sitting in the darkness with your family over dinner or even dipping profits in business! Not acceptable.

One of the ways I recommend is having a power backup system which are specifically designed for small domestic and commercial applications and provide standby power in the event of mains power supply failure. They have many advantages including:-

· Instantaneous and automatic changeover when the mains power fails which is especially beneficial when used with electronic equipment such as computers and TV’s.

· Totally silent and non polluting operation which particularly suits enclosed space applications.

· Very low running costs – just the power to charge a battery.

An example of a dayliff power back up system.

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