As more and more focus is shifting towards renewable energy the solar street lighting systems are becoming very popular especially for towns, cities and residential areas that are looking at having a 24 hour economy while at the same time reducing the cost of electricity because the energy required by incandescent bulbs solar power has not previously been viable, but with the development of reliable LED bulbs, which use about 5% the energy of equivalent incandescent types, solar power is now a cost effective and reliable alternative to mains supply.

The prevalent crime rates in the city and residential estates is a phenomenon that can be easily forgotten if we resort to adequate street lighting systems because no one would dare engage in burglary or other acts of delinquency in full glare of lights. This strengthens my belief that this is what we really need as one of the many strategies of bolstering our security as citizens to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

There is no doubt that LED technology is the future of street lighting and one of the most amazing and excellent options in the market, the Dayliff solar powered light unit has been carefully engineered with matched components to provide a market leading product. The combination of an advanced technology lamp, high functionality controller and high specification module and battery provide a unit of exceptional performance that can be relied upon to give many years of efficient and trouble free service.

A dayliff solar powered light.

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