Wind is a valuable source of renewable energy and its most practical application is power generation using wind turbines. The Dayliff TY turbine range are tried and tested quality products that offer excellent power generation performance and are the ideal solution for powering lighting, water pumping, telecom and general power requirements in remote places.

Dayliff wind turbines include a number of features that give high efficiency, high reliability operation. These include a permanent magnetic alternator that gives reduced start up torque and hence lower wind velocity start up, high precision GRP blades that minimize noise and vibration, marine grade aluminum alternative housing for corrosion resistance and a high specification AVR microprocessor controller .

All generators are supplied with a separate controller that provides battery charge control, overload protection and LED indicators for system operation as well as the facility for PV solar module connections for operation of hybrid systems. Hybrid systems maximize power availability as sunny conditions and high wind speed tend to occur at different times.

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