The DAYLIFF ‘WG’ Water Purifier is an integrated water treatment plant specifically designed to treat the majority of surface waters including the removal of silt, suspended solids and bacteria in small-scale domestic, institutional and commercial applications. The units are simple to operate, low cost and easy to maintain and can provide consistent water quality to WHO standards. Three installation options are offered:-

Features include:-

· Four stage treatment process including flocculation, settlement, filtration and chlorination providing treated water to the highest standards.

· GRP (fiberglass) construction for strength, low maintenance and indefinite life.

· High efficiency vertical flow type settlement basin incorporating sludge bleed.

· Alternative of large capacity gravity sand filter for gravity applications or Dayliff DX sand filter for pumped applications providing efficient filtration and simple operation.

· Automatic proportional feed chemical dosage using ‘Dosatron’ chemical feeders. These unique dosers use energy in the water flow as their power source providing accurate and consistent dosage regulated by plant output.

· In-line flow meter to adjust and monitor plant output.

· Simple in-line installation with three adjustable legs to assist leveling.

· Fully automatic control – the plant matches output to site demand.

With an output of up to 12000 litres a day of averagely contaminated raw water and more for lightly polluted waters, the DAYLIFF ‘WG’ Purifier is suitable for settlements of up to 100 people. Using only basic water treatment chemicals (Flocculant and Chlorine), high quality treated water is available. This high level of performance combined with long life GRP construction, simple maintenance and easy installation make DAYLIFF ‘WG’ Purifiers the ideal solution for all small scale water treatment requirements.


  1. I want to start a small cottage water bottling plant of about 1000 bottles per day. my budget for the purifying machine is around 60, 000. please advise

    • Dear Tuwei,
      Thanks for your inquiry,we stock a Pure water plant unit that is recommended for bottling water going for ksh 380,000 and the source of your water has to be county/city council. If water is from another source then you have to do a Water analysis test then we use the results to offer you a solution. KEBS will also inspect your equipment before you start bottling. Call us 0711079200 for more details


  2. Hi am Jeff I would like to start water bottling business and the source is borehole within kisumu what is the full procedure before the start

    • Thanks Jeff, kindly contact our Kisumu office 0724352504 to assist you. Your water needs to be tested then analysis sent to the branch then solution offered based on water analysis done

  3. want to start pure water refil shops (and bottled water)in naivasha,water source pipped water from aberdares ranges,please advice on A to Z ,will appreciate your feedback

  4. want to start pure water refil shops (and bottled water)in naivasha,water source pipped water from aberdares ranges,please advice on A to Z ,will appreciate your feedback…

  5. With an output of up to 12000 litres per day to serve up to 100 people. The DAYLIFF ‘WG’ is very suitable for small group family far away from city.

  6. am james and am thinking of putting up a water processing plant in umoja. my question is do you finance people or I have to pay cash for the whole system

  7. Could i get full details of all that is required for setting up a water processing and plant.I would also like to know if yu have any other equipment of a lower price other than that for 300k.Please contact though email

  8. Hi, am thinking of starting a small scale water purifying and bottling business in Nyanza -Lwak area in Rarieda. My source of water is lake water or bore hole. What will be the capital am required to have and the requirements. Do u have smaller machines that can go for less than 80000? I will appreciate ur feedback and help. Thanks

  9. hi
    Onyango from Kisumu
    am interested in putting up a water processing plant in kisumu, water source Municipal Tap,
    1) Is it possible to have an equipment setup at less than 200,000/= (even at reduced capacity)
    2)is term of payment only cash or are installments / financing options available
    3) Do you offer technical assistance/ advice as far as KEBS and regulatory requirements are concerned
    Kind Regards

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