Davis & Shirtliff Ltd has been named the leading supplier of the famous Pedrollo 4SKm well pump in East Africa and has now been rebranded as DAVIS PUMP (see picture below) The pump body & components are made of stainless steel and brass impeller now available D&S Headoffice at Nairobi Industrial area Dundori road showroom & stores, all Kenyan branches and also subsidiaries which include Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Zambia and South Sudan.

This new robust submersible pump is designed for pumping clean water in domestic applications from boreholes and wells and comes with 20 metres of submersible drop cable. All models feature a patented anti-seizing design to ensure that the impeller does not jam after a period of on non-operation. The compact design also includes a built-in capacitor and thermal motor overload so no separate control unit is required. It’s designed to pump a maximum head (height) of 60 metres (approx 180feet) and delivers up to 3,000 litres of water per hour

The motor is specially designed to operate continuously when fully submerged in water. You do not have to worry at all about overheating and water ingress into this motor as it’s hermetically sealed and the water down your borehole/well will act as a coolant. It’s also important to note that the pump operates on single phase power 0.75kilowatts equivalent to 1 horsepower with maximum fluid temperature of 40degree Celsius

Photo: New Davis pump at D&S Showroom

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140 thoughts on “DAVIS WELL PUMP

  1. I would like to know how much it would cost me to acquire the pump which will give me up to 3000l/hour.
    For a well.feedback will be highly appreciate.

  2. Hi, I am i need of a pump that can fetch water 40ft below and to a tank abou 200 metres from the well. Would like to know the cost.

  3. Hi, I am i need of a pump that can fetch water 40ft below and to a tank abou 200 metres from the well. Would like to know the cost.

  4. My well is 30feet deep with no electricity access. I need a pump for small scale irrigation. Please provide quotes for available options.

  5. Hello,
    Kindly send me the details of the above pumps and, also I would like to know whether a 12 v battery with an inverter can be used as a power source.

  6. hi ,
    i am seeking for advice on a type of water pump and its price that would pump water from a 60 feet deep .
    thank you.

  7. How much could it cost for a submersive pump that can pump from a 90fts well and 600mtrs to the tank and and supply about 2000ltrs to 3000ltrs per Hour?

  8. Hi.I’m looking for an electric well pump 50ft deep to a 15ft high tank for domestic use.My house is at Shika Adabu,Likoni;Mombasa County.Please provide prices also.

  9. Hi!am interested in the Davis pump .could you please send me a quote for the best suited pump for a well 80 feet deep well and I intend to do farm irrigation.

  10. hi…do you have a davis and shirtliff branch in Thika
    I need a submersible pump for a 60 feet well,
    I would like to know its cost and if it comes with submissible drop cable.

    Thank you

  11. Hello. i want a pump that will fetch water 5fts down the well and pump it about 1km horizontally. Kindly advice me on different pumps both top surface mounted and submissive pumps, include prices.

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