Dosatron proportional chemical feeders are a unique solution for accurate in-line injection of a wide range of chemicals for various water treatment, agricultural and industrial applications. Installed directly on the water supply line, the Dosatron operates using energy in the water flow as its power source. This activates a reciprocating piston, which in turn pumps concentrate chemical into the water stream. As each piston stroke is determined by a given volume of water, chemical dosage is directly proportional to flow regardless of line pressure variations.

Particular benefits are:-

· Fully automatic operation with dosage directly proportional to flow.

· Simple to install and no external power source required.

· Highly accurate and consistent dosage externally adjustable as required (except D15).

· Accommodates large dosage ranges and operating pressures.

Built principally from high quality engineering plastics and incorporating simple mechanical components, Dosatron feeders are designed for long-term reliability and durability. Now extensively proven the world over, Dosatron is established as the preferred option whenever consistent and accurate chemical dosage is an essential requirement for any production or environmental control process.

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