Simple water disinfection system

Buccaneer is a simple, versatile and effective gravity feed disinfection system that uses compacted calcium hyperchlorite chlorine cartridges for dosing free chlorine into a water flow. The cartridges are suspended in the mixing unit that is fed either directly or from a bye-pass off the main flow and chlorine dosage is effected as the cartridges dissolve. Dosage rate is set by controlling either the flow through the mixing unit or by varying the number of cartridges and cartridges lift in their seats to indicate when used. Typical applications include sewage and waste water effluent, factory wash down, agricultural disinfection, food storage and potable supply.

Outflow from the mixing unit is via an overflow pipe either directly by gravity into a bulk storage tank or optionally the mixing unit can be mounted on a balance tank from which treated water can then be drawn by a pump. In this arrangement it is necessary to fit a float valve operated hydraulic valve, which stops system flow when the outflow ceases.

Buccaneer is the ideal solution for reliable and consistent unmetered chlorine dosage without the need for external power or skilled operators where assured water disinfection is required

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