We have discussed about pool construction, pool heating, solar/ electric powered pool pumps for the last four months and now we would like to proceed to discuss on the equipment you need to maintain your pool after a busy day of swimming activity.

Below let’s look at some critical pool care items that you need to have them at your pool maintenance store and train your attendant on how to use them regularly.

Automatic pool cleaners/Barracuda – offer the benefit of moving around the pool floor while vacuuming.

Floor Brushes -The floor brush is made of superior nylon bristles and is specially shaped for awkward corners.

Wall brushes-are for removal of persistent algae and are available with either nylon or stainless steel bristles.

Manual vacuums that connects to the pool vacuum outlet with a vacuum hose for effective removal of dust and debris.

Options include a leaf net which is effective for removal of leaves and debris from the water surface and a leaf rake which is specially shaped for scooping debris from the pool floor.

A standard three test kit for the measurement of pH, residual chlorine level and acid demand.

Floating or suspended thermometers for reading pool water temperature in Centigrade or Fahrenheit. Thermometer with floating ring for in-depth reading i.e. 30cm below water level

Aluminum handles with standard fixings for all brushes, nets and vacuums. Options are either a single length of 5m or a telescopic design expandable from 2.4m to 4.8m

Standard 38mm floating vacuum hose available in standard lengths of 15m,12m and modular 0.9m sections that connect to make hose lengths of choice. The modular hose also has the advantage of being able to replace damaged sections.

Life ring- You need it for enhanced pool safety

Davis & Shirtliff offers very high quality pool care items sourced from International pool items manufacturers all available at our Headoffice Nairobi main store and all East Africa outlets.

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