It has indeed been a crazy week for the government with the teacher’s strike in motion and KNUT unyielding in their demands. The value teachers offer this country can be undermined in many ways by different groups of people but the fact remains that they have our children in their custody for most of the day while we are out there in our places of work trying to eke out a living, so then it is only in order that they should be rewarded in a way that is commensurate with the effort they put in and the responsibility bestowed upon them.

This is not to say that we are in way advocating for the teachers strike but simply trying to show that sometimes we need to rethink the way we approach matters, things or people that we take for granted can actually be the point of breakthrough that we have always wanted as a people or community.

Consider one of the smallest pumps, a pedrollo PKM60, it is small in size but the boosting capacity is phenomenal. It is robust, reliable and economical pump used principally for water transfer in domestic and small scale water transfer applications. The pump body is made from cast iron with a brass insert set into the front housing for improved starting performance and protection from jamming. The impeller is made from brass. In addition. The additional benefits of this pump are;

• Quiet operation due to the anti-vibration system between shaft and impeller
• More compact
• More efficient motor with low energy consumption and lower operating temperature.
• Special paint which gives improved resistance against environmental corrosion
• Longer life

Pedrollo PKM60 Pump

The conclusion is simply the fact that lets learn to appreciate the small things in life, even the PKM60!

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