Prince William and his wife Kate came out of London’s St Mary’s hospital this week with a new bundle of joy. His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, The third in line to the throne, who was born on Monday.

The young family’s first public appearance together has been the moment that the world’s media and crowds of onlookers camped outside the hospital had long been waiting for, and the photographs snapped Tuesday are likely to be reprinted for decades as the baby grows into adulthood and his role as a future king.

With all the publicity going on about the royal baby, it should not escape our attention that one of the best generators in the world also originates from the same region, so it is easy to conclude that it is indeed part of “royal generation”. The lister petter diesel generators are designed for continuous duty in a wide range of power supply applications. powered by various models of dependable and efficient air and water cooled Lister engines, the generators are skid mounted on anti-vibration mounts and include an integral fuel tank with contents gauge.

Hand start models are basic units supplied with engine mounted fuel tank and without integrated control panel and are especially suitable for powering of pumps in remote sites. Generator control and monitoring accessories should be either separately provided or integrated with the pump control panel.

Electric start models are supplied in open specification with acoustic canopies available as an option. Fitted with each generator is a control cubicle featuring an AC output circuit breaker , emergency stop button, automatic battery charger and a solid state control module, This provides automatic shutdown in the event of low engine oil pressure, high engine temperature, over/under speed and start failures with warning indicators provided for these conditions. In addition the control module gives digital read out of voltage, phase current, output frequency , engine speed, battery voltage, engine hours run and engine coolant temperature (LLD only).Lister generators are of heavy duty design and suitable for continuous operation. They are robust and efficient and provide an ideal solution to all standby and off grid power supply requirements.

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