In the wake of what happened recently at the Jomo Kenyatta International airport it is not prudent to risk not having a fire fighting installation that can save you colossal amounts of money in the event of a fire outbreak. This is what initiates our discussion on the DAYLIFF fire sets.

A Davis & Shirtliff Firefighting installation in progress

DAYLIFF FLA packaged Fire Sets are specially designed to provide automatic supply to multiple hose reel or sprinkler outlets for firefighting installations. Standard sets combine parallel duty diesel and electric powered supply pumps to ensure serviceability in all conditions as well as a jockey pump to maintain system pressure. Particular features include:-

· Individual electric motor and Lister diesel engine powered Ajax pump sets providing standby supply in the event of electrical power failure.

· separate automatic jockey pump to maintain system pressure and regulate main pump operation

· Bellows type pressure switch controlled operation providing progressive jockey pump, electric pump and diesel pump starting at reducing cut-in pressure

· Low maintenance diaphragm type pressure vessel to regulate pump cycling.

· Integral control panel providing automatic parallel operation of the supply pumps and incorporating electrical protection and a DC battery charging system

· Compact frame mounted design incorporating necessary valves and piping for simple site installation.

Systems are designed to give their rated output at 5 Bar and three standard sizes are available, 40, 60 3 and 100 m /hr. with the two pump sets operating in parallel, 50% standby output being provided in the event of electrical failure. For particular applications special designs incorporating different equipment arrangements and specifications are available.

For all firefighting applications high levels of equipment performance and dependability are vitally important for the protection of both lives and property . Dayliff FLA Fire Sets combine quality components, all carefully matched for optimal operational efficiency with Davis and Shirtliff’s unmatched pumping expertise and competitive pricing to provide effective, reliable and easy to install firefighting solutions.

If you need to read more about Dayliff fire sets, please click here


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