The Super Moneymaker pedal pump has been designed by ApproTEC, a local NGO, to meet the requirements for small scale irrigation and general water supply where electrical and fuel operated pumps are not feasible or are too expensive. With many thousands in service it has been extensively tested for reliability and is locally manufactured under ApproTEC supervision to assured standards of quality . Particular features are:

· Up to 4,000 liters per hour output.

• Suction lifts up to 6m, delivery pressure up to 13m.

• Suitable for up to 5 sprinklers, hose or furrow irrigation.

• Irrigates up to 1 hectare.

• Easily portable and no installation required.

While the Super Money Maker has many applications, it is primarily designed for small scale irrigation where its use can considerably increase crop income. Being cheap to buy , easy to operate and simple to maintain it is the ideal product to solve the water problems of small scale farmers and rural dwellers.

Please click here to read more about the Super Money Maker pump

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