What is an induction motor?

An induction motor is a type of AC motor that uses electromagnetic induction to supply power to a rotor (the rotating part of an electrical or mechanical device). It owes its name to the way it operates; the motor uses magnets to create motion, and with the fundamental laws of all magnets in mind where opposites attract and likes repel, these attracting and repelling forces create rotational motion and the process converts electrical energy into mechanical power, allowing the rotor to turn the appliance it is attached to.

Davis & Shirtliff the leading #Powerproducts supplier stocks wide range of effective Dayliff Induction motors listed below; The DAYLIFF TEFC squirrel cage induction motors are high specification continuous duty rated machines suitable for a wide variety of industrial, commercial and agricultural applications.

The benefits of these motors include;

  • Simple and rugged construction, robust in design and can operate in any environmental condition.
  • Unlike DC motors and synchronous motors, they are maintenance free due to the absence of brushes, commutators and slip rings.
  • 3 phase induction motors will have self-starting torque unlike synchronous motors; hence no starting methods are employed.
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