Energy regulatory Commission gazetted energy saving rules in April 2012 that require commercial & residential houses to install solar hot water heaters in order to avoid over-relying of power from the National grid. The commission has now issued a directive to #Kenyapower to deny connections of electricity until buildings install solar hot water systems under new solar rules which is effective immediately

Davis & Shirtliff the regional leading supplier of solar equipment for many years now stocks #DayliffHotWater Systems which are widely known for their excellent performance and almost zero maintenance costs. All models use high efficiency solar collectors sourced from Ezinc, one of the world’s largest manufacturers, which incorporate full area copper absorption plates ultrasonically welded to copper circulation tubes, advanced specification insulation and tempered security glass to provide energy absorption of up to 95%. Inbuilt electric water heaters are also provided in all tanks. Two configurations are offered as follows:

SWD Direct Systems

Full water flow passes through the collector and is stored in the tank ready for use. The tanks feature a resin insulated GRP casing for long life, heavy duty galvanized cylinder internally piped to optimize hot water availability and a sacrificial magnesium anode for cathodic corrosion protection. Systems are supplied with a galvanized steel mounting frame and necessary fittings for a complete installation including air bleed, pressurize release valve and incoming non return valve.

SWI Indirect Systems

Indirect systems feature a separated flow of pure water through the collectors which heats the consumption water via a heat exchanger in the tank and is suitable for mineralized and brackish water that may corrode the collector’s capillaries. Dayliff Solar water systems are available in various tank sizes and collector configurations to suit most domestic and small scale institutional applications. They are effective and robust products designed to give many years of trouble free operation, the benefits of assured Davis & Shirtliff quality, advanced design and high specification components in an economical and efficient package providing an unbeatable solution for all solar water heating requirements


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