A water meter is a mechanical device fitted on water supply pipe to accurately record how much water you use in your home for billing purposes, similar to your gas and electricity metering (see pic below).They come in different sizes from ½ inch to about 6 inch depending on pipe size and water flow rates. Most water meters are made of Brass, Cast Iron and composite plastic materials

Water Regulatory Services board advised on Jan 3, 2014 news that all water meters must be replaced after 8 years of service…read more on this link . Failure to replace water meters will lead to inaccurate bills due to worn out/old water meter so you end up paying more unnecessarily.

DavisandShirtliff is the leading water meter supplier in East Africa Region with qualified experts in the water industry for over 65 years now. The company supplies world leading #SensusWaterMeters with 150-year history and a world-wide presence especially in USA, Germany, UK and France and now most parts of Africa to offer unmatched choice, technology and quality for all water metering requirements. The company recently introduced DayliffWaterMeters which are robust and economical designs for monitoring residential, commercial and agricultural consumption, they provide high accuracy, reliable and affordable equipment.

#SensusWaterMeters and #DayliffWaterMeters are available in all our Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia and Somali outlets

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  • Order by phone – Call us 0206968200/0711079200
  • Order via social media – ( Twitter , Facebook or dayliffblog) and you will get instant responses


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