Dayliff CSW Solar Hot Water systems are specifically designed for large scale hot water supply from a centralized system with particular application for schools and hotels. The system works on the forced circulation principal using a pump to continuously circulate water between the solar collectors, where it is heated, and then returned to the storage tank. Hot water is drawn from the system by a separate pump for distribution to users. The systems have been engineered using a combination of carefully matched imported and locally manufactured components to provide a high specification, high quality product that provides dependable and efficient water heating throughout the year. Successful Installations have been done in Nairobi West Hotel, Gymkhana and Human Needs Project in Kibera (see sample photos below)

Key features include:-

• High efficiency solar collectors sourced from Ezinc, one of the world’s largest manufacturers, which incorporate full area copper absorption plates ultrasonically welded to copper circulation tubes, advanced specification insulation and tempered security glass to provide energy absorption of up to 95%. The collectors are connected in banks to provide the heat input required.

• Long life free standing hot water storage tanks made of heavy duty galvanized steel cylinder internally piped to optimize hot water availability and provided with built in electric boosters.

• Extra-thick magnesium anode-rod protection prevents corrosion

• High performance GrundfosUPS25/60 speed controlled circulator pump

• An advanced programmable differential temperature controller used to manage the operation of forced-circulation solar systems.

The controller incorporates inputs from temperature sensors that monitor the temperature at various points in the system and relays signals to control the circulation pump and thermostats to optimize hot water availability. It also includes a digital display indicator indicating the system layout, hour counter for the circulator pump and system temperatures.

Dayliff Solar Water systems are available in two tank sizes and collector configurations to suit most institutional applications. They are effective and robust products designed to give many years of trouble free operation, the benefits of assured Davis&Shirtliff quality, advanced design and high specification components in an economical and efficient package providing an effective solution for all institutional hot water heating requirements.


Water Quality: Water outside the following limits should be appropriately pre-treated: Clarity: Clear, TDS: <600mg/l, Hardness: 0.8<1.0

Test Pressure: Tank – 5Bar, Collector -14Bar

Max Operating Pressure: 3.5Bar

Max Flow Rate: 2000 lit/hr.

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