A cold swimming pool is an unused swimming pool and in many upcountry areas pools are too cold to use and so heating is required .One of the most frequently asked questions we encounter as the swimming pool professionals is how do I heat my swimming pool? There are a number of ways which are quite helpful and we have highlighted them as follows:


The Dayliff heat pump is an effective and efficient recent innovation by Davis & Shirtliff. #DayliffHeatPumps use heat from the ambient air and electric power to run a compressor in a reverse refrigeration cycle. The compression process extracts heat from the ambient air for transfer to the pool thus making the pool water warm


Covers are the most cost effective method to raise pool temperatures as they work by the simple principle of eliminating evaporation and thus heat loss. Covers are made from specially formulated Ultra Violet (UV) protected PVC material and the moulded air bubbles provide effective heat insulation. Covers are manufactured to the specific pool size and are available with rollers for ease of covering. Commercial Stainless steel cover roller unit below is ideal solution for pools 6metres wide by 15metres length and allows flexibility and mobility


Various sizes up to 18kW compact units that utilize less space built with stainless steel outer jacket and all pipework. All heaters are provided with thermostat, overheating cut out and flow switch.


Solar energy is free and certainly one of the most cost effective ways to active pool heating is with ‘Sun Command’ solar panels. ‘Sun Command’ panels are specially designed to maximize energy conversion in swimming pool applications, and with efficiencies of up to 80% each panel is able to generate up to 20kWhr heating per day, effective heating being provided by one ‘Sun Command’ per 3 10m of pool volume.

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