Reverse Osmosis is a treatment process for the removal of all dissolved solids and bacteria to provide totally pure water by pressurization through a semi permeable membrane. The unique So-Safe RO Water Purifier combines the benefits of this process with four other stages of treatment to provide totally pure water for domestic and small-scale applications. These include First stage sediment filtration by pre-treatment through a 5micron sediment cartridge, Second stage Granular Activated Carbon cartridge treatment to remove taste and odour , Third stage Carbon Block cartridge treatment to polish the water , Fourth stage Reverse Osmosis using a low-pressure composite thin film membrane and Fifth stage inline Carbon treatment to remove any remaining taste or odour . Other features include an in-built feed pump, a pressure switch for pump control and a 15L feed tank for automatic on-demand supply

Below is a schematic diagram showing simple installation of #MiniRO plant done under a sink. For more info on #WaterTratment please read


  1. Thanks for this information. However, am interested in starting a small scale water treatment plant to treat surface water for domestic use and vending in a rural setup where supply of clean water is a problem. I will appreciate if you let me know how to start it and the cost of the plant. Thanks

  2. Thanks, thi is informative.
    I need a small scale water purifier. I intend to purify spring water for sale.
    Kindly advise me on the appropriate machine and cost.

  3. hi,
    i would like information on large scale reverse osmosis machines that can handle large quantities that’ll also be used for bottling. i would also appreciate any help on the bottling equipment part.

    Thanks in advance.

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