Did you know that you can run your borehole on both Solar and Wind power simultaneously? Take a look at the photo below for a successful wind and solar powered Installation designed to run same borehole pump. The pump installed is a special Grundfos SQFlex pumping system; a revolutionary concept in water supply designed to work using the two most basic sources of renewable energy available – the sun and the wind. Its unique feature is the flexibility to be powered by photovoltaic solar modules, a wind driven generator or a combination of both, and the motors are also designed for battery supply and AC generator power for standby operation, the power source being selected by simple switching.

At the heart of all SQFlex systems is the electronically controlled motor, which uses a sophisticated integral control module to accommodate variable voltage and frequency power inputs and also protects against abnormal operating conditions. Read more on Windmills on this link and also the unique SQFlex pumps in this link

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  1. I have a piece of land which I wish to develop near Triple Eden resort Naivasha mirera (see it on Google maps ). Big challenge is water… what information do you have about water supply in that area? In case there’s no water do you do boreholes.. like the one I saw that is wind and solar powered.

  2. i have a 150 foot well. i am connected to the grid but i wouldn’t mind if the wind or solar option was affordable. i live in Chinga, Othaya.

  3. This is rely interesting. the part that I love mostly about this project is that it is environment friendly and once purchased it is cost free except for maintenance.

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