Easy Small is a quality pump controller that automates pump operation replacing the traditional pressure switch and expansion tank. It works by starting the pump when pressure drops to the preset cut in level and stops it when demand drops to less than cut out flow rate.


· Dry running protection with automatic restart

· Controlled cycling frequency in the event of system leakage

· LED status indicator to monitor pump operation

· Strong IP65 rated weather sealed housing


Voltage: 240V/50Hz

Max. Current: 12/16A

Max. Motor Size:1.5kW

Max. Water Temperature: 50 C

Cut in Pressure: 1.5 Bar

Max. Working Pressure: 10Bar

Max. Flow Rate: 12m /hr(1 Bar Pressure Loss)

In-line connection with additional tee for pressure tank connection if required

Cut Out Flow: 2L/min

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