Davis & Shirtliff has introduced a new GRUNDFOS SBA automatic submersible booster pump for use with clean water in rain water, clean well and water transfer though is particularly suitable for in-tank water boosting in domestic applications providing advantages of simple installation, low noise and effective control. It is fitted with an inbuilt controller that starts and stops the pump according to water demand and also features dry running and built-in thermal overload protection. Installation is simple and once connected reliable and consistent water supply is assured. Materials of construction are primarily corrosive resistant polypropylene for all hydraulic parts and the pump casing with stainless steel strainer . Pumps are supplied complete with a low level float switch and 15m cable.

Call 0711079200/0206968000 or mail to get more info


  1. Do you have a shallow well submersible pump that uses 110v-240v ac power supply??….my power is flactuates a lot and the grundfos pump I have doesn’t work very well…

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