Davis & Shirtliff the Leading Water and Energy solution provider in Africa recently took step up the ladder in the innovations industry. Water treatment units in the past have been powered by either electricity or generators but now introducing Solar powered water treatment solutions; amazing how it works! These units are very effective and now can work in any site location as long as you have the sunlight as the prime mover of water treatment

These units also are assembled in the company’s busy workshops with unique features that enable the user to fold the solar modules enabling one to carry the unit easily (click here to see more photos ) A large number of these products have been bought by a leading regional NGO who highly recommended it especially in areas where electricity is not available. Contact 0711079200 to get more details


Dayliff Pure Water treatment plants are specially designed for the production of totally pure water from the majority of natural or municipal sources, typical applications being bottled water production, institutional and commercial food processing facilities and manufacturing facilities requiring pure water in the production process. They eliminate most conditions of impurity including sediment, unappetizing taste or odor, and the most serious of all, bacteriological contamination, the treated water output being to the highest consumption standards.

Utilizing six stages of treatment the plants use no chemicals, are simple to operate, provide consistent pure water without any maintenance other than routine cleaning and cartridge replacement, cost very little to run and are extremely good value. Two standard designs are offered rated at 1000 litres/hr and 2000 litres/hr outputs and plants are supplied complete with the treatment components as well as necessary ancillary accessories all frame mounted to provide a complete, easily installed unit. Though the main application is for bottled water production, the plants are also suitable for in-line filtration for a distributed supply and also bespoke plants can be designed and manufactured to suit specialized treatment requirements. With benefits of simplicity, economy and, most importantly, effectiveness, Dayliff Pure Water treatment plants are the ideal solution for the production of totally pure water from the majority of semi-treated water sources.


Dayliff Pure Water Treatment Plants are designed to purify sweet, low conductivity, soft and neutral raw waters as is typically provided from low turbidity natural and semi-treated municipal sources. They do not treat for dissolved trace elements, including salinity, or change hardness levels or pH. Prior analysis of the raw water to assess its suitability to this treatment process is important as there are some conditions for which it will not provide WHO standard potable water. Call 0206968200/0711079200