Eliminate elevated tanks-New pumping technology

Davis & Shirtliff recently introduced Grundfos CMBE Booster unit; a compact water boosting unit for water supply in domestic and small scale applications. The pump is fitted with an integral variable speed controller that maintains pump output at constant pressure adjustable to any value up to 5 Bar .

The pump is compact for simple installation, quiet with operating noise level of 55dDA and of robust design for long life. The speed controller also maintains pump performance at maximum efficiency so minimizing operating costs. All hydraulic parts are made from stainless steel and the pump unit is supplied complete with an integrated pressure sensor , a 5-way connector with non-return valve, a 2L diaphragm tank and a pressure gauge.

The pump is fitted with a Grundfos MGE 1.1kw (1.5Horsepower) variable speed motor that incorporates thermal protection against motor overload and dry run protection with auto-restart. The motor can be directly connected to the mains power supply through a 10A FUSE or MCB.

Huge Benefits

1. No need of elevated water tanks so it saves substantial costs and site architecture

2. Compact design and little spaced required

3. Reduced risks of water contamination

4. Higher line pressures

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