Dayliff Solar Heaters are well known for their effectiveness and also proven for reliability in thousands of successful installations. The design has been perfected over many years of development and now offers excellent value, high efficiency and dependable performance.

Consider the following features that Dayliff Solar Heaters have:

  • Weather and corrosion proof GRP tank casing
  • Long life solar tank with cathodic corrosion protection
  • Built in electric booster for cloudy days
  • Temperature regulator to control temperature to 60 o C and prevent hot water injury
  • High efficiency copper tube collector panels
  • Frame mounted and supplied with all accessories for a complete installation

The hot water solar heaters are available in all sizes for domestic and commercial applications.  Davis and Shirliff offer a 5 years warranty on the solar heaters and you can contact Dayliff for a free quote or your nearest stockiest.



The KOSHIN range of self priming engine pumps are of fully portable design suitable for irrigation, de-watering and general water transfer applications. All models feature open impellers especially suitable for pumping silted waters containing light loadings of suspended solids and are powered by dependable and economical Honda engines, QP pumps being fitted with a carrying handle while SEH models feature a sturdy carrying and protective frame.

Also included with all pumps are quick couple hose connectors and a suction strainer . Maximum rated suction lift is 7m at sea level, though this will be reduced at higher altitudes. All pumps feature the pump body and volute manufactured from precision die-cast aluminium alloy while the QP impeller is also die-cast aluminum and SEH impellers cast iron.

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