Dayliff Solar Heaters are well known for their effectiveness and also proven for reliability in thousands of successful installations. The design has been perfected over many years of development and now offers excellent value, high efficiency and dependable performance.

Consider the following features that Dayliff Solar Heaters have:

  • Weather and corrosion proof GRP tank casing
  • Long life solar tank with cathodic corrosion protection
  • Built in electric booster for cloudy days
  • Temperature regulator to control temperature to 60 o C and prevent hot water injury
  • High efficiency copper tube collector panels
  • Frame mounted and supplied with all accessories for a complete installation

The hot water solar heaters are available in all sizes for domestic and commercial applications.  Davis and Shirliff offer a 5 years warranty on the solar heaters and you can contact Dayliff for a free quote or your nearest stockiest.

2 thoughts on “FREE HOT WATER FOR LIFE!

  1. Nice to see all this hi technology machines from Davis&shirtliff…. I love the company…. Anyway I only have one request to make…how can I join the company…..

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