Introducing the New Face of Davis and Shirtliff Group

Davis & Shirtliff is the leading supplier of water related equipment in the east African region. It’s a Kenyan based company which operates through a network of Kenyan branches as well as regional subsidiaries in Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

Founded in 1946, the company focused its business activities on six principle product sectors that is; water pumps, water treatment, swimming pools, solar products, borehole equipment and generators.

Davis & Shirtliff regionally distributes high quality equipment from a number of industry leading companies around the world as well as carrying out manufacture and assembly of various water related products. With a total staff complement of over 350, particular emphasis has been placed on infrastructure investment and the company is extremely well resourced with modern office facilities, a fully integrated ICT network and large product and spare parts stocks.

davis and shirtiff facelift

It is also ISO 9001:2008 certified to demonstrate its quality focus. Recognizing that the provision of efficient water supply is essential for the region’s economic development. Davis&shirtliff is committed to playing a major role in this vital industry by offering a comprehensive and competitive product range with regional availability and unrivaled technical and service support.

Davis & Shirtliff has also undertaken various projects such as pump installations, water treatment installations, solar installations, power product installations and pool installations.

This has seen the supply and installation of 32 boreholes within Nairobi. Projects which have been overseen by Athi Water Service Board whose responsibility is to ensure investment in water infrastructure.

Rethinking Dayliff

Davis&shirtliff contracted GreenBell communication, an ICT firm to help them communicate their professionalism and trustworthiness. This was also meant to differentiate the company from its competitors giving Davis & Shirtliff authority in the industry through a new and well designed website.

GBC has designed a new eCommerce site for Davis & Shirtliff. It’s an electronic commerce, which involves carrying out business over the Internet by electronic means. Being a business site, it will enable or allow people to buy from Davis & Shirtliff’s online stores. The website will also showcase the products being offered by Davis & Shirtliff, an executive board and a career portfolio which will allow people to apply for jobs advertised by the company.

Being an ICT company, we offer various services among them; web designing and development, web hosting, domain registration and search engine optimization.

Davis & Shirtliff is therefore looking forward to building a healthy business relationship with GreenBell communications LTD even as they endeavor to continue being the leading supplier of water related equipment in the east African region.


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