Have you wondered where do people of Garissa get vegetables, fruits and fresh farm produce from? Wonder no more, we visited one of the business lady who owns a grocery shop in town who introduced us to her supplier and in turn we decided to visit the vegetables supplier. In the middle of a dry place we found his ‘Savanna-like’ green farm which he irrigates daily with water pumped from a nearby river.

He is a proud farmer who doesn’t have to worry about constant supply of water in his farm as he already acquired a reliable DayliffPump powered by very reliable KohlerEngine he sourced from Davis & Shirtliff Garissa Branch. The branch located Garissa Harambee road stocks wide range of pumps, Engines, Generators, Swimming pool products, Solar equipment, water treatment equipment and Borehole pumps.

· Buy online go to select a product and submit your order

· Send inquiries to  or sales

· Call us 0206968200 / 0711079200

· Follow us social media (Twitter , Facebook or dayliffblog) for instant responses

· Contact us on Skype- dayliff

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