Dayliff launches synchronized generators to lower cost of standby power supply

Davis and Shirtliff, Kenya’s water and energy solutions provider, has commissioned two 250kVA Dayliff Yanan synchronised standby generators for Safari Business Arcade, a Ksh.20m project that will allow tenants of the premises receive the exact energy needed, eliminating power wastage and hence lowering energy costs during power black outs.

Inefficiencies in the system design accounts for up to 20 percent of energy waste, resulting in organizations incurring unnecessarily high energy costs, according to recent findings by the Kenya Association of Manufacturers.

The Dayliff Yanan synchronized standby generators installed at Safari Business Arcade, currently being pioneered in the Kenyan market, are designed to supply only the amount of electricity that is required for the users’ activities.

“When there is a power failure, both generators will start up and monitor the power needs of the building. When the demand is low, one generator will shut down automatically as the other one runs to supply power for the premises until demand rises,” said Simon Shikuku, Davis and Shirtliff’s engineer in charge of the project.

Also, in the event of a fault in one of the synchronized standby generators installed at the Safari Business Arcade, the other generator will kick in automatically and ensure power supply for the tenants, a number of whose operations are electricity-critical.

“A number of the occupants interested in the premises had expressed the need for constant electricity supply due to the nature of their businesses. We therefore needed to source for equipment tailored to our clients’ specific power needs,” said Albert Waweru, Chairman of Ruaraka Housing Estate Limited, developers of Safari Business Arcade.

Each set of the synchronized generators has a daily service tank connected to a common auxiliary tank and the total fuel storage capacity is 140 hours of continuous operation. Fuel transfer from the auxiliary to the service tanks is by automatic means.

Davis and Shirtliff will undertake the service and maintenance of the installation for a period of two years so as to ensure their efficiency. This will also include training Safari Business Arcade’s engineers on handling and general repair of the generators.

The generators are similar to those used by electricity generating companies and are vital in managing power supply when demand fluctuates. The Dayliff Yanan synchronised system can be customized to manage many generators at a go and can be expanded to achieve increased power output with increased power demand levels.


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