You do not have electricity at your site and you would like to pump water from a river/dam or a shallow well not deeper than 7metres? What to do? Think of buying a KOSHIN engine pump that runs on a petrol engine and the consumption rates quite pocket friendly. The engine pump uses about 1 litre of petrol in 1 hour and delivers you up to 50,000 litres per hour. This is hugely economical product that you need to invest and is fully portable design suitable for irrigation, de-watering and general water transfer applications. All models feature open impellers especially suitable for pumping silted waters containing light loadings of suspended solids and are powered by dependable OHV petrol engines from either Honda or Koshin that includes recoil start, integral fuel tanks and exceptional fuel efficiency that results in reduced operating costs compared with standard engines.

Pumps also feature a sturdy carrying and protective frame, quick couple hose connectors and a suction strainer . Maximum rated suction lift is 7m at sea level, though this will be reduced at higher altitudes. All pumps feature the pump body and volute manufactured from precision die-cast aluminium alloy and impellers from cast iron. N These pumps are available at and can be ordered and delivered online on this link

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