A sparkling swimming pool will only be achieved if you regularly use genuine pool chemicals from genuine pool chemicals suppliers. Here is a summarized list of quality pool chemicals that are supplied by Davis & Shirliff;

CHLORINE 65-Granular Calcium Hypochlorite (65% available chlorine) is the most common compound for

pool chlorination. Available in 5kg, 20kg and 45kg pack sizes.

CHLORINE 90-Granular Trichlorocynuric Acid (90% available chlorine) offers higher chlorine concentrations

and the benefit of a water stabilizing carrier . Available in 5kg, 20kg and 40kg pack sizes.

FLOCCULANT-Flocculant is used for clearing heavily discolored water and also increases filtration

efficiency . Available in 5kg, 20kg and 50kg pack sizes

HTH SPARLE IT-A water conditioner that clears cloudy water , improves filtration efficiency and adds extra

sparkle to pool water . Available in dissolvable cubes and1litre granules packs.

HTH CLEAR BLUE-Brings extra sparkle to pool water and reduces chlorine consumption. Available as dissolvable


ALGICURE-For the effective removal of algae growth, especially when established on the pool walls

and floor . Available in 5litre and 20litre packs

MAGIC TOUCH– Specially formulated to give pool water that extra sparkle. Available in 1kg pack size

ANTISTAIN-A detergent to remove scum and stains from the pool walls

Available in 5litre and 20litre pack sizes

STABILIZER-Stabilizer contains cyanuric acid which chemically stabilizes pool water and reduces chlorine

demand. Available in 1kg pack size.

PH PLUS/PH MINUS-For pH adjustment , the product select d being determined by water condition.

Available in 5Kg and 20kg pack sizes

BLU52-A unique full specification pool maintenance chemical that combines chlorine, algaecide and

a flocculant/clarifier in one simple to use pack that keeps pools sparking clean.


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