Davis & Shirtliff Introduces a revolutionary DAB E.Sybox pump

DAB E.Sybox is a revolutionary super smart water boosting system principally for domestic and small scale water supply applications. It uses the latest integrated electronic inverter technology to vary the pump speed which is controlled by in- built sensors to maintain the set delivery pressure as the output demand varies. P articular features are:- Inverter technology provides constant pressure water supply with minimum energy consumption. Default operating pressure is 3Bar , though alternatives of 4 and 2.5Bar settings are selectable. Electronic pressure transducer with built-in temperature and flow sensors for dry running and anti-cycle protection. Easy to read LCD display that indicates various operating and fault conditions and can be used to select

optimal operating parameters. Very compact design with all components housed in an elegant casing. Simple plug and play installation with the option of vertical, horizontal and on-wall installation to suit site conditions. Can be twined using E.Sytwin connectors providing synchronized systems through wireless communication. Guaranteed reliability and no maintenance. E.Sybox is a unique product that uses ground breaking technology to provide exceptional performance and efficiency . It is the ideal solution for efficient and dependable water supply for all small scale water supply requirements. E.Sybox is supplied with an innovative variable speed water-cooled motor which provides exceptionally quiet operation.

Call the professionals to get more info +254711079200 / +254 (0) 206968000

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