Shred solids and pump sewage water made easy

David & Shirtliff has introduced a new submersible Pedrollo TRITUS grinder pump, made of remarkably thick cast iron, exceptionally robust, abrasion-resistant and long lasting, is equipped with highly resistant and tempered stainless steel GRINDER. This allows for the total shredding of solids and fibers contained in wastewater and sewage in domestic and civil sectors, for the conveyance under pressure into the sewer system through small diameter pipes.

Liquid type: sewage water

Uses: domestic, civil

Applications: emptying tanks, drainage, dirty water – slightly solid particles

typology: submersible

Family: submersible pumps

Performance Range: Flow rate up to 120 l/min (7,2 m³/h), Head up to 22 m

Application Limit: Temperature of the liquid to +40 °C, 10 m maximum immersion depth, Suction down to 50 mm above ground level, 300 mm minimum immersion depth for continuous service

Call +254711079200 or mail to get a solution

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