Davis & Shirtliff Launches Koshin High pressure washer pump

Koshin JCE pressure washers are quality engine drive units designed for all wash-down and cleaning applications where electric power is unavailable particularly for vehicles, compounds, production lines, tanks etc. The units are powered by economical and reliable Koshin petrol engines and are mounted on a wheeled frame and supplied with a complete set of accessories including:- Gun nozzle, Straight/fan nozzle , 5 interchangeable gun nozzles ,10m delivery hose,3m suction and hose with strainer.

Operation conditions:- pumping fluid should be clean non-aggressive water not containing solid particles , Temperature range 5-40 degrees and Max. Suction Head: 1.5m. The pump is 42kgs, 179cc with 3.6 litre tank capacity and 1.8litre/hr fuel consumption rated 4.6Horsepower and is now available in Davis & Shirtliff Headquarters and branches. Read more on this link https://goo.gl/e6FQHO to make a quick order call +254711079200/ 254(0)206968200

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