Dayliff pumps used to manage El Nino flooding in Kenya

Today Daily Nation 17th Dec 2015 back page features DayliffDrainage pumps used to drain flooded water out of construction site in Kimathi street, Nairobi. These are affordable engine pumps that are either petrol or diesel driven with amazingly as little as 1.7litres of fuel consumption per hour. The volume of clean or drainage water cleared per hour ranges from 20,000-80,000 of water depending on size of the Engine pump you are using. Let’s do a quick calculation to prove that this are indeed sustainable pumps. A litre of petrol retails at Ksh 90 so you need 90*1.7= Ksh 153 to clear 20,000 litres ( literally 100 drums per hour) of water collected in your basement, or drainage water at a construction site or even pump river water for irrigation. Click here Read more about these pumps and also survive the ElNino damage/ Menace this rainy season.

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4 thoughts on “Dayliff pumps used to manage El Nino flooding in Kenya

  1. I was fooling around a bit and came across this very promising product. I think it has great potential in the areas near water bodies, where there is always danger of floods during heavy rains. It seems to be very strong and economical too. Do you sell in North America too?

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