The Dayliff DGW welding generator is a dependable, quality product specially designed for welding and generating simultaneously or separately. Particular features include:

  • Options of reliable and economical air-cooled 4 stroke OHV petrol engine (DGW 200P) or high efficiency diesel engine (DGW200D) equipped with large size exhaust and air cleaner for low noise operations.
  • High efficiency square core alternator providing increased power output and enabling operation of sensitive electronic equipment.
  • AC auxiliary current and DC welding current can be used simultaneously
  • DC output for battery charging.
  • Strong tubular frame for protection and ease of handling.
  • Integrated control panel with voltmeter and welding current adjuster for operational convenience.
  • Fuseless type over current protection for AC
  • Engine oil level sensor for protection in case of low oil level.
  • High capacity fuel tank for extended operation.
  • Supplied complete with electrode holder and 4m cable, welding clamp and 4m cable, output plugs and separate castor wheels for movable applications

The DGW welding generator is of compact design and its advanced features make it suitable for all small scale welding and generation applications.


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A sparkling swimming pool will only be achieved if you regularly use genuine pool chemicals from genuine pool chemicals suppliers. Here is a summarized list of quality pool chemicals that are supplied by Davis & Shirtliff;

CHLORINE 65-Granular Calcium Hypochlorite (65% available chlorine) is the most common compound for

pool chlorination. Available in 5kg, 20kg and 45kg pack sizes.

CHLORINE 90-Granular Trichlorocynuric Acid (90% available chlorine) offers higher chlorine concentrations

and the benefit of a water stabilizing carrier . Available in 5kg, 20kg and 40kg pack sizes.

FLOCCULANT-Flocculant is used for clearing heavily discolored water and also increases filtration

efficiency . Available in 5kg, 20kg and 50kg pack sizes

HTH SPARLE IT-A water conditioner that clears cloudy water , improves filtration efficiency and adds extra

sparkle to pool water . Available in dissolvable cubes and1litre granules packs.

HTH CLEAR BLUE-Brings extra sparkle to pool water and reduces chlorine consumption. Available as dissolvable


ALGICURE-For the effective removal of algae growth, especially when established on the pool walls

and floor . Available in 5litre and 20litre packs

MAGIC TOUCH– Specially formulated to give pool water that extra sparkle. Available in 1kg pack size

ANTISTAIN-A detergent to remove scum and stains from the pool walls

Available in 5litre and 20litre pack sizes

STABILIZER-Stabilizer contains cyanuric acid which chemically stabilizes pool water and reduces chlorine

demand. Available in 1kg pack size.

PH PLUS/PH MINUS-For pH adjustment , the product select d being determined by water condition.

Available in 5Kg and 20kg pack sizes

BLU52-A unique full specification pool maintenance chemical that combines chlorine, algaecide and

a Flocculant/clarifier in one simple to use pack that keeps pools sparking clean.


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