Equipping your borehole part 2

This is part 2 of the borehole equipping, commissioning and maintenance process. We covered part 1 earlier. You can revisit it byclicking here. Once we receive the Borehole Completion Record (BCR) from you, as issued by the local Water Resource Management Authority (WRMA) office, usually through the driller, we shall then use the information in it to make a proposal for the most suitable equipment for your borehole.

In addition to the BCR, we shall also need to know the following from your particular site:-

i. Your source and type of power available

ii. Distance between the borehole and power source

iii. Distance between the borehole and delivery tank

iv. Elevation of delivery tank above the wellhead

There are several sources of power:

1. Mains (KPLC) – This could be either single or three phase

2. Generator – either single or three phase

3. Renewable Energy (Solar/Wind) – supplied in single or three phase

4. Combination of any of the above sources

In areas that are off-grid, we propose Solar/Wind and/or generator.

Key items included in the proposal will be as listed below:

a. Pump

b. Drop pipes

c. Drop cable & accessories

d. Control panel

e. Installation accessories may include:

i. Wellhead

ii. Water meter

iii. Airline pipes

iv. Electrodes, and

v. Float switch

Borehole pumping has developed and now we have remote monitoring and control available, at the touch of a button. We now offer a solution known as iDayliff, available as an option for those who wish to have this enhanced functionality. The iDayliff option provides users with specific information about the operation of their pumping system and remote control anytime, anywhere.

Installation and commissioning.
During installation, the Borehole Installation Team is mobilized and material transported to the site for installation. Once the pump is installed and connected to the power source, testing is done for an appropriate period and key operation parameters recorded, after which a detailed operation and maintenance manual is issued.

You can quickly contact us if you need a proposal for your borehole by clicking here.

Credits – Peter Munyoki, borehole

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