Davis & Shirtliff eShop is now OPEN!

Davis and Shirtliff has recently launched an online shop dubbed the eShop that allows for customers to shop online at the convenience of their home, office or any location. The shop is open for deliveries to Kenya at the moment but purchases can be made from around the globe at any time of the day. The main aim of this is to offer customers more convenience and improve their shopping experience by saving them valuable time that would have been wasted in traffic as well as offering other benefits.

The shop also features a chat functionality that allows for real-time answering of questions from our expert engineers. Once you add items to your cart and head to check out, you get an option of collecting the products at any of our branches countrywide or have the products delivered to your location. For products such as cartridges, pool chemicals that require to be changed often, once you shop, you get a monthly reminder / notification via SMS and email to restock or buy more.

You can pay for your products via MPESA, Airtel Money, VISA, MasterCard and other payment options.

Benefits of shopping on the eShop :

1. It saves time by avoiding traffic and the hassle of travelling to the branch or head office.

2. It is convenient since it can be done at any time and location. Also can be done on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

3. You get monthly reminders to re-order such products as pool chemicals, water cartridges and other consumables.

4. A chat functionality is available allowing for quick answering of any questions.

5. All products on offer can easily be found.

6. You can compare different product specifications in order to find the best product at the best price.

7. Account creation which allows you to shop easily next time.

8. You get an order history, allowing for you to keep track of your orders.

9. One also get reward points for every purchase that they make.

Kindly click here to access the shop goo.gl/tMPE6f