Introducing Solar Powered Booster pump

Davis & Shirtliff recently introduced a Green Energy powered domestic booster pump aka Dayliff DDPS60 solar pump. This is a simple affordable pump for home use powered by only 2 No. 24volt -250 Watt solar panels. It is a very robust pump capable of delivering water up to a maximum height of 30 metres (equivalent to 9 floors in a storey building) and a maximum capacity of 2,000 litres per hour (approximately 10 drums of water per hour), sufficient for daily domestic use. The pump currently retails at Ksh 16,400 powered by 2No. 250 Watt panels at Ksh 40,000. Other important parameters to note;

· It is a surface pump and should not be immersed or lowered into wells or underground tanks

· It’s designed for pumping clean water without particles

· 1 inch suction and delivery pipe size

· Pump comes with inbuilt temperature and voltage protection

· Maximum fluid temperature should not exceed 40degre Celsius

· Weight of the pump- 5kgs

Know more about this pump on this Davis & Shirtliff website link

Order your pump, call +254711079200/ +254 -020 6968200 or mail

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