Dayliff Solar Heaters are well known for their effectiveness and also proven for reliability in thousands of successful installations. The design has been perfected over many years of development and now offers excellent value, high efficiency and dependable performance.

Consider the following features that Dayliff Solar Heaters have:

  • Weather and corrosion proof GRP tank casing
  • Long life solar tank with cathodic corrosion protection
  • Built in electric booster for cloudy days
  • Temperature regulator to control temperature to 60 o C and prevent hot water injury
  • High efficiency copper tube collector panels
  • Frame mounted and supplied with all accessories for a complete installation

The hot water solar heaters are available in all sizes for domestic and commercial applications.  Davis and Shirliff offer a 5 years warranty on the solar heaters and you can contact Dayliff for a free quote or your nearest stockiest.


One day five gentlemen from Ugunja sat and muted the idea of street lighting Ugunja. They contacted Davis & Shirtliff who supplied and installed very efficient SolarStreetlight ( read more on this URL They and several others then contributed at least Kshs 10,000 each and today the first street light is up and working very well. See more pic’s on this link

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Every AC solar pumping systems require highly efficient and reliable controller. The controller inverts DC input to AC output and adjusts the output frequency in real time according to the prevailing irradiation levels. Lorentz company, the leading supplier of solar equipment has recently introduced a new PSK2 solar controller which replaces the traditional PSK. Salient features include among other things a wider power range, 7-25kW, increased connectivity, improved enclosure all at the same price to equivalent PSK controllers.

The housing is IP54 but they recommend provision of a basic shading to protect from adverse weather,

Ø The controller has an inbuilt fan

Ø The controller has an inbuilt sunswitch sensor and will be supplied c/w with the sunswitch panel

Ø The controller has one DC input and a PV disconnect must be used to terminate into one. This feature makes it fail-proof.

Ø Users will need to download a new version of PumpScanner for configuration purposes (only available on Android)

Ø The PIN for using with PSK2 will be provided together with the controller

Ø The same controller will be used for both surface and submersible AC pumps

Ø The added features will have no price implication

Ø All orders onwards will be honored with PSk2

Ø They will be launching a stand-alone PSU unit in Q3 which will allow connection of a 3phase power source

Ø We have expressed our interest to LORENTZ to do pilot installation with the PSU

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